My dream CPU

Yes this is my dream CPU. For more than 30 years the program model of the most popular CPU has not been changed. Is this a new technology ? There are so many new models and improvements, nevertheless, the program model is the same. Why it hase this registers ? Are they organized the best way? Is this the best model ? Is this the best model to organize convenient calculations and easy and efficient programming ?

I have started my programming model from what’s needed to implement calculations and programs. In the process of development I’ve realized this process is infinite. Here are only some basic ideas. I have a lot of ideas to add and improve CPU. This is a working version and demonstrates the basic functionality. It has very simple program model and simple instructions. I hope everything is easy to understand.

Here is the CPU emulator: RCPU Emulator
Using it you can change CPU/Memory frequency ratio, Instruction cache size, data cache size, enable/disable branch prediction to see how this change execution speed. You can see what happens in every program clock in every unit and cache. You can see an instruction in every stage of execution conveyer.

Here is the assembler editor, it is like a wizard: RCPU Asm editor

There are few Hello world examples and few more complicated examples which demonstrates sorting and binary tree. There are test results showing execution performance of the programs. Here is the basic documentation. Documentation

Some of the interesting functions are the Sort instruction and the ability to compress instructions.